Sunday, July 24, 2016

Top Fascinating Hidden Google games.

Hidden things alway fascinate gamers, even the tech giant follows this rule. Yes, you can find many amazing games within the google's website without going to the third party website. You will find great games if you follow the steps given below.

1.  Atari Breakout

Now this one of the old fashion games we use to play (if you belong to the 90s era.) This game was among the popular ones from Atari games. A Japanese game developer company who also developed the very famous atari console. Now how will you be able to play this game on google?

How to play :  It's very simple you just have to open the google with image search and type "atari breakout" then press enter; at first, you will get some screenshots of the same game you will going to play. Then select the keywords in the search text bar and then press enter and you will find images are shrinking and changed into a classic game you wish to play.

2. Running dinosaur

This is one of my favorite game and it got an amazing update recently, which you will find if you able to survive for more than 500 points. This game is so interesting that you can play this game for hours. This is a game in which you are a running dinosaur and you are running away to get to your home. I don't think it has an end.

How to play : Things which will you want to download is google chrome otherwise you won't be able to play this game. Then disconnect your laptop or PC from the internet connection. Then try to reach a website and you will be redirected to a page which will be saying "Unable to connect". Now you are one step behind from playing the game. I hope you are getting a standing dinosaur image with the above notification or message. Now all you have to do is press Spacebar or enter from your keyboard. You are now eligible of making records of your own with this game.

3. Zerg Rush

It is the difficult one of all of them. This game is a true challenge of how you click and how can you rapidly clicks. In this game, you have to kill all the o's coming to get your search result and you only kill them by clicking rapidly on them.

How to play : Just search for the game and wait for few seconds and you will be a handful of them. These are the best three games I have played on google I also want to recommend packman but it works for very few. So I couldn't recommend you that. And one more thing before reading the last line Doodle games doesn't fall in this category.

Don't forget to share your scores and thanks for reading this. Have fun playing these games.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Why you should play Pokemon Go.

Everyone wants to enjoy their previous spend time whether it is one month or a year. Most of the humans like to relive their childhood moments at least one more time. As many childhoods have been past surrounded by comics and cartoons and one of the memorable childhood wish is to catch pokemons.

A company named "Niantic Ltd" is fulfilling the dreams of those who want to catch Pokemon in real life. With the help of this game, you can catch Pokemon through your smartphone like a trainer from Pokemon world.  This game allows you to catch different types of first gen Pokemon and evolve them.

After you install this game you will be able to start your journey like "Ash catch 'em". In this game, you also have to fight with gym members. If you are thinking that it is similar to Wii Pokemon game then you are close because in this game you have to catch Pokemon, maintain your HP level and fight with others. But what it makes different from the other Pokemon games is the fusion of real life and virtual life. You can catch Pokemon but you have to move from one place to other in the real world and when you are near any Pokemon your device will inform you.

This game uses your GPS to track down your movement. There are much more things to do, which I don't want to spoil for you. One piece of advice you should travel by foot for best and amazing stuff and pokemons,eggs and more.
If you are looking to live the dream of catching your favorite Pokemon then you should definitely go for Pokemon Go.

Here is the link for Android users: Pokemon Go

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Highlights Of E3 2016

Past whole week gamers all over the globe were pretty happy because the games revealed at E3. I mean there is no reason for me and my gamer friend not to be all hyped. Games like TEKKEN 7 and GOD OF WAR(New) were announced. The only down side of this year E3 is most of the amazing games are going to be released next year.

Now, most of you already know Xbox is going to launch its new version of the console with the name "Xbox One S". I think here "S" is used for the slim. The new Xbox is looking great with its white looks and small body. They are saying it is the smallest Xbox ever known. Microsoft doesn't stop there, they also announced an upcoming console which more powerful than all other consoles present in the market. Console manufacturers are very much concerned about the gaming computer world because computers are providing much more clarity with 4K resolution. That is why you have heard that in future or some of the consoles now supports 4K visuals.

Apart from consoles and resolutions, a new and fast-growing community is emerging. Virtual Reality or "VR" is one of the amazing gaming community which is recently announced in this event. Unlike other amazing games, you will not be able to play any exciting VR game this year, but don't be upset Batman will make your wait more interesting. The makers of Batman : Arkham City and other versions of the Batman franchise are planning to launch a VR game featuring batman.

That's the highlights of Consoles and New things which are coming to our gaming world. Let's talk about some games which made you and me happy. First things first Tekken 7 will hit all three platforms(PS4, Xbox One and PC(Steam)) and I don't think you can understand how much relieved we all tekkeners are; because we are like just watching this games arcade version on YouTube whole time. After that hype moment,  we got another by GOD OF WAR(New) trailer-cum-gameplay video by Sony. It was one of the best because most us thought, GoW series was ended with its third installment but we got new installment but it was more of a beta version. Now with the new video my game loving brain can say "thank god the GoW is back". After all, this is one of the super popular games of new gaming era.

New spiderman game is looking very cool, after a tremendous appearance in Captain America : civil war. The new suit is looking nice with a huge white spider on it, not like we use to see. I don't know if you can feel it or not but this game sometimes gave me an Arkham knight type feel. There is a long list of thing which I loved in this year's E3. But as heading goes it is just a small highlights of E3 22016.

I hope you guys also liked this E3 convention like every gamer. Try to visit again for more. Don't forget to comment your favorite game or moment of E3.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Send Free SMS to anyone.

Many time you have tried to send a text message to your friend but he or she doesn’t have the very same app on his or her smartphone, then you have to send that important text by paying some amount to your mobile network company and different companies’ charges different amount for a text message. But now you can send your text message for free by just downloading some free apps from your app store. So, let’s dive in straight to the list of those apps.


You can send unlimited SMS to anyone with the help of this application. You can easily download this app from Google play store for free. After installing this app on your smartphone then you have to register your phone number and while you are registering your phone number you will get one OTP like other Messaging apps. When you finished your registration then you are ready to send a message to your friends and family. This app got the 3.8-star rating in Google Play Store with many reviews. This app has almost 5,00,000 users till date.

Send Free SMS India

This app uses the minimum data of your device which means if you have a bad connection or slow connection of internet, still you can send your message to whom you want. Unlike other messaging apps out there, it also uses the classic phone number registration method. When you registered your number then you are good to go. There is no limit on the number of messages you send. If the
messages are not delivered then you will get a fail message notification.

Hike Messenger

For more detail you have to read the full review on Hike messenger.
Link : Why use  Hike messenger instead of others?
Yes, you can send free messages from this messenger too unlike above two messengers.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Top 5 racing games list by BG.

Racing is the best genre if you love speed, cars or winning with split second. This is one of the famous genres in tournaments. This is one of the genres which is played by all types of gamers, even non-gamers like to push the accelerator in their spare time. If you are a car lover then these games will allow you ride them in their virtual world. Most of the game companies of this genre want to give you the nearest possible experience of the real world cars, to do so they use the exact same sounds produced by the cars and the dimension of that car. EA is one of the popular game manufacturer of this genre with incredible sound quality. Here are some of the amazing and extreme racing games which you will like to play.

Driver1 and Driver2

It is one of the most awesome and difficult racing game present out there. The first two games of this series are on PlayStation and trust me they are awesome. If you want to play an old school game with some great level difficulty you should try these two games. They don’t have good graphics like the further version of this game, but I really love the driving, story and other elements of the games. This game is not purely the racing game genre, it comes under action- adventure-racing. So you are allowed to roam around in the game world. But most of the missions are based on chasing with cars. This is one of the must play game in this list.

NFS Most wanted

This game is a legendary game. (Legendary games are those, which are played more than a decade and remembered by all different types of gamers.) This game is played all over the globe and in most of the tournaments. It also gets a graphical update in the year 2012, you can now play NFS most wanted with new and advanced graphics. But I really prefer the old version of the game because the driving is much better in the older version as compared to the new version. Because it is an EA game that’s why sounds, cars, and locations are pretty original. The older version of the game is playable on Intel Pentium 4 without a graphic card and you can challenge your friends on LAN and online also; that is one of the reasons why this game is very famous among gamers of this genre.

Burnout Revenge

Are you an aggressive driver? If yes, then this game is meant for you. It is present on PlayStation 2 with nice graphics. This game doesn’t stick with old racing game logic, you can actually blast your car and takedown other cars. The missions in this game are very awesome which are a little bit related to real racing logic, It is more like brutal racing type game. Another interesting factor which makes this game awesome is in-game awards. You can unlock them while you are showing off your drifting and other driving skills. It is one of the fun game to play if you like or to start with racing genre.

Asphalt 8

It is a smartphone game which is playable on PC as well. This game is in the list of hot games of last two years, only high feature smartphone can handle this game. The graphic is great with the driving and handling of the cars. There are some features you have to buy in this game unlike any other great game present on smartphones. This game also uses the real life racing logics. The most attractive part if the game is graphics and colors of this game. Customizations are present in this game unlike all game present in this list. Give it a try and you won’t regret it.

F1 and NFS Shift2

Yes, here is a tie between two games because both of them are great games. Both have are pro level games. If you are a Hardcore racing gamer, then you will be able to beat this game. In F1, you have to be great with driving skills and it also applies to NFS Shift. In both games, the driving and handling level is of pro level, even with a medium difficulty level. You have to be patient while playing F1 because some of the races have a large number of laps which can bore if you don’t love racing games. If you are just starting with racing games then I wouldn’t recommend these games to you.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Why use Hike messenger instead of other messaging?


In past few years, Messengers are used more than a local messaging app. The reason behind this popularity is; we can send as many messages to anyone or number of peoples at the same time in smallest sum of currency. WhatsApp takes the first place in messenger’s race. It is used most of the countries around the world. But now we have a rightful competitor. The hike is also a messaging app but with more amazing features than WhatsApp. If you are bored with WhatsApp then give a try to Hike and you won’t regret it.

You get all the features like your old messaging app most likely WhatsApp. Unlike WhatsApp, you can only chat with those who are present into your contacts or those who contacted you. You can find all the same emojis which are present in your WhatsApp messaging app. So you can have the same old messaging experience.

Here are the few things which differentiate Hike from other messengers.

Hike Stickers.

One of the amazing features which you will discover is Hike Stickers. You don’t have to write your message if you can communicate with expressions. These stickers will allow a user to send their message with your emotions. There are several stickers for every mood and occasion. Many more stickers are added every day.

Hike Direct 

I bet, your old Messenger won’t allow you to chat with your friend or share movies, music or pictures without any internet connection. This feature uses the same technique which is used by Shareit to join two mobile devices with the help of Wi-Fi hotspot.

Hidden Chat

This feature will always come handy when you want to hide any chat with your parents, girlfriend, and siblings. To use this feature you just have to tap on the Hike logo and then a screen will open in which you have to draw your pattern to unlock your secret chats.


Unlike Facebook, you can also post your status and share them with your Hike contacts. All the status updates will be displayed on the Timeline. If you like that status update, then you can tap on that heart shaped icon by which you can show other contacts that you liked that status and it will be shared with other contacts automatically. If you chat with any contact very frequently then you can add that contact to your favorite list. So, next time you can easily find them.

Games and News

These two are the most used common features. When you get bored with just chatting or you got some spare time then you can use the Games feature to change your mood. Games are recently launched feature which gives you some old games which were famous before the smartphone era. Games like Snake, Word Rush, Sudoku, Chess and Solitaire are available to play.

News is another feature which gives you the recent news updates. At first, you will get all types of news updates but with time, the algorithm will give this feature a power by which it will only show those news updates which you were interested. Like I always check news which is related to technology, video games, and sports then after one week I get all the news updates on only those three topics. Those news articles were picked from famous news sites.


No, this the neither the same Natasha present in your contact nor the Natasha from avengers. This is an A.I. which is developed for those who have a low number of contacts or just want to talk to a computer. I must say it is very powerful A.I. with a very great response and it is very human like. Just give it a try and you will find another friend in your contacts.

There are more features which make this messenger different from others. Like Cricket news updates for cricket geeks, Laugh which will give a daily dose of laughter and more.

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